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Is your family at-risk? 2021 & The Light House Project

Family Violence in Australia

Family violence is a crisis in Australia. Often, usually women experiencing domestic violence and coercive control are vulnerable around the time of separation and divorce. 1 in 6 women have experienced physical or sexual violence from a partner. Unfortunately, this can happen in the presence of children, with 61% of women having children in their care when this violence occurs.

Is your family at risk?

The Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia (FCC) deals with resolving issues in families at risk… but is your family at-risk?

Your family could be at-risk if there is:

· child abuse;

· family violence;

· substance abuse;

· mental health issues;

· abduction; and

· threats of harm, safety and wellbeing, and safety at court.

Are you contemplating going to court because of these risks? The FCC in 2021 is piloting a new program that may benefit you and your family.

What can Families Expect from Courts in 2021? Lighthouse Project

2021 we will see a new initiative, the Light House Project designed to benefit families at-risk. It is an innovative approach identifying at risk families early and prioritising their cases.

At Voice Lawyers we assist clients experiencing family violence and at high-risk. We are very interested in how this project will assist our at-risk clients.

Purpose of the Lighthouse Project

Ms Lisa O’Neill, a Registrar of Practice and Procedure in the Family Court and FCC has been the leading force behind the Lighthouse Project. The project collects more information at earlier stages to assist and assess at-risk families before they get to their first court hearing. New systems will address public health issues and provide greater assistance to families. The three main functions of the Lighthouse Project can be broken into: Screening, Triage and Case Management.

1. Screening and Family Door Triage