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We provide a unique offering within the traditional legal space by dedicating our expertise to helping our clients to ‘find their voice’, communicate with confidence and be empowered, not intimidated within the courtroom.


We provide a range of legal services to accommodate, assist and advise you and your business’ needs. We’ll work alongside you to achieve a successful outcome, giving you confidence and clarity in your legal matters.

How can we work with you?
We partner with clients to develop a tailored approach for each client's specific outcome.
Reaching a Deal
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Voice Lawyers are strong advocates of having disputes resolved before they get to court.

Dealing with any legal dispute is uncomfortable and can be stressful, so the aim of Voice Lawyers is to use all avenues available - including mediation - to resolve matters satisfactorily as early, and as cost-effectively, as possible...

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We offer business owners the convenience and comfort that their specific legal needs can be met conveniently by the one law service.

The firm offers a complete business law service including:     

 Handling of disputes

 Employment law

 Intellectual property expertise

  •   Trademark registration

  •   Branding protection

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As the name might suggest, Voice Lawyers is strongly committed to ensuring clients facing family law matters have a genuine chance to have their views raised and considered throughout the legal process.

While often legal protocols seem to take precedence in family law cases, Voice Lawyers still recognise that the lives of “real people” are at stake, so their input is paramount. The experiences, stories, fears and concerns of the client really is vital if true justice is to be achieved.

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Managing Director, Kayte Lewis has founded the firm on the strong belief that communication is key to success. We pride ourselves on listening and taking the time to really understand the context and issues you are facing before developing a strategy designed to achieve your best outcome in the situation.


In January 2019, we announced that we have acquired local employment law firm Paul Murphy and Associates, following the passing of its highly respected founder, Paul.


We help individuals, business owners and corporates to feel at ease in the security that their legal needs are being cared for by one dedicated law service. As a convenient one-stop-shop for strategic and expert legal expertise and assistance, our team can work with you to formulate complete legal business support by handling disputes, branding and licensing agreements plus the assignment of intellectual property, trademark registration, and employment law matters.

For Employment Law maters contact Voice Lawyers [here].


We offer flexible payment plans and happy for you to discuss these with us. Our options include: pay by the month to approved ABN holders, BPAY, EFT, and credit cards payments; and in some matters we can offer fixed price and retainer agreements. 


Speak to us today.



Best result for your business

Let us serve you as your inhouse legal counsel on a retainer that suits your legal and business needs. Take control of your legal costs by partnering with one of our highly qualified lawyers and consultants. We will liaise with you to appraise your requirements and determine an agreed budget for expenses. We provide flexible and realistic retainers that accommodate your needs at any given time.




We understand that you have financial circumstances and a budget that reflects this. We will work closely with you to give you confidence and flexibility in the cost of our services – this includes a Fixed Rate that will ease your concerns and ensure that our work is always within the framework of your budget.



Individuals and organisations

If you are interested in an Hourly Rate we will develop a plan together for the optimal outcome for your matter. Let’s start with an honest appraisal of the time required and estimated outlay.


I employed Kathryn Lewis’s services part way through my property settlement procedures as I was dissatisfied with the service from my previous lawyer. She was recommended by a friend and I have been extremely pleased with everything she has done for me.

Kathryn has excellent communication skills. She listened empathetically and carefully to what I told her and had to quickly assess the situation of my case, as she was not starting from the beginning; she then made decisions to find the best and most cost-effective way forward in a somewhat complex case. Kathryn did this with aplomb and kept me fully informed of all communication between the parties at every point along the way. When I asked for advice she offered it with reasons and possible alternatives. Whenever I needed to communicate with Kathryn through email, phone or person I could do so directly with her not through a para-legal.

We did this together and it proved a valuable and cost effective exercise.


Kathryn postponed other meetings to work tirelessly within ridiculously tight timeframes to get the best possible outcome for me. She even missed a couple of lunches and was starving!

I thoroughly recommend Kathryn Lewis as a lawyer.

Kay Ackerman

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