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Everyone at our family of businesses (Voice Lawyers, Voice Consultants & Advocates, Acting & Communications Academy, and Maniac Music Factory) believes in giving people a voice.




Committed to making a difference; helping others find their Voice; empowering for positive change.

The fundraising work of Voice is about empowerment; providing hope where it has been lost; providing people and especially women with a Voice.  We are advocates for social change and justice.  Through our efforts to combat domestic violence and break cycles of poverty and generational abuse we hope to facilitate change for individuals and in so doing their families and communities.

We believe that if you improve your communication you will improve your life.



We're at it again!

This year we return to The Gold Room at L'Aqua, Cockle Bay Wharf for another Empower Voice Dinner. The exclusive Gold Room features leather and timber walls, a distinctive feature wall, and a gold-leaf octagonal ceiling boasting a brilliant Swarovski crystal cherry blossom chandelier.

A combination of gourmet three-course meal, wine, inspiring speakers, and entertainment fill the night.  Destiny Rescue is the charity.

Obviously, we have had to cancel the dinner (we plan to organise another one next year!). We are however, still raising awareness of the issues that lead to Destiny Rescue being set up 20 years ago and still raising funds for this amazing charity.

Take advantage of an incredible opportunity to make a difference. Join us to raise funds, spread awareness and contribute to a truly important cause.  Every $10,000 supports a Raid Rescue Operation, which aims to liberate multiple children from sexual exploitation and arrest the perpetrators

 Child sex trafficking is the world's fastest growing crisis.  Over 1 million children are exploited by sex trafficking.  70% of children trafficked are from the Asia Pacific region.  $99 billion is generated by sex traffickers each year - $11 million every hour. 

You can be the difference for a child!  Destiny Rescue empowers freedom, gives hope, and provokes change.  You can equip agents to rescue those enslaved and fill their future with hope.

For every dollar raised by Destiny Rescue, 81 cents is used for programs that benefit children, 13 cents is used for fundraising, and 6 cents is used for administration.

Previous years:



Some of us ran.  Some of us jogged.  Some of us walked.  No matter how we did it, we all finished.

And raised $5,282.56 to #keepkidssafe.


For our second fundraising effort, we are supporting the Alanna & Madeline Foundation by participating in the Sydney City2Surf!

Support TeamVoice as we shuffle the 14 km from the CBD to Bondi Beach on Sunday, August 11, 2019.

Every dollar helps!  Here are some facts on how your contribution will make a difference:

  • $25 - can provide the basic essentials: PJs, underwear, and socks - to children affected by violence and trauma who are currently in emergency accommodation.

  • $50 - can provide a complete Buddy Bag to children affected by violence and trauma who are currently in emergency accommodation: helps to restore a sense of safety, security, and dignity.

  • $100 - can provide a child affected by violence or trauma with the resources they need to stay and succeed in school such as a uniform the fits.

  • $500 - contributes to helping vulnerable children recover from significant violence and trauma through Children Ahead: a unique, intensive therapeutic and case management program that rebuilds the child's physical and emotional development.





On the first anniversary of Voice Lawyers - August 1, 2018, one hundred guests joined us at the Gold Room, L'Aqua, Cockle Bay Wharf for an evening of fine food, wine, international speakers, and fundraising at the inaugural Empower Voice Dinner at which approximately $10,000 was raised for our two charities for that year: the HOPE Program and

Caritas (via Women for the World campaign).


Help us help others.

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