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Creating an atmosphere of mutual understanding by facilitating meaningful discussion can most often bring conflicts to a constructive resolution and may rebuild trust, which is what we aim to do. The cost of litigation and unresolved disputes is high financially and personally.

There are many advantages of mediation and savvy businesses and individuals are utilising mediation more and more rather than becoming entangled in expensive and lengthy court proceedings.

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Our consultants provide advice and training to support your HR department with strategic HR consulting designed to help you as an employer meet your obligations. With a team of employment lawyers and experienced HR consultants with many years' experience providing training and facilitating leadership programs, our staff and contractors have provided training and support in:

  • preventing and managing bullying and harassment in the workplace

  • effective communication and conflict resolution including difficult conversations

  • avoiding unfair dismissal and other workplace claims

  • contractor management, employment contracts

  • policy development, review and implementation

  • performance management

  • and more


We design bespoke programs to educate your management with up to date legal advice.


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