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Kayte Lewis

Managing Director

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JUNE 2020

Smart Company

Pay cuts and reduced hours: What can you ask employees...


Many employers have had to make tough decisions to ensure they can continue to operate despite restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and any direct hit to their cashflow... Read more

JAN 2020


These Are Top Legal Issues Entrepreneurs Should Be Aware of in 2020


When we’re setting up a new business, there’s always a lot to consider - you’ll be prioritising the ‘big’ milestones such as finding your first customer, renting your first premises, setting up a website and finding...Read more

SEPT 2019

Dynamic Business

Your staff and their use of social media: Where to draw the line between work...


The boundaries between home and work are often blurred – particularly with the growth of the internet where our lives are increasingly public. A whole generation is entering the workplace... Read more

JULY 2019


Employment law – What You Need to Know


Employment law can seem overwhelming, particularly if you’re a new business without knowledge or experience of HR. When you’re committing to hiring staff, it’s important to be aware of your rights... Read more

MAY 2020

The Prophetic Artist

Stuff you can't steal


Recently Kayte spoke with Wendy Manzo, a well known Australian artist about what an artist needs to know about copyright. There is much confusion amongst artists around using someone else’s creative work. Artists use photos for reference and inspiration every day... Read more

DEC 2018

ABC News

The cost of a day in court is more emotionally, and financially draining...


Walking from the halls of justice with a smile of satisfaction on your face.

It's a romantic idea, but a day in court can be financially and emotionally devastating Lengthy delays, drawn-out... Read more

JULY 2020

Inside Small Business

Pay cuts or reduced hours? Ensuring you’re above the law but morally sound


As many Australians transition back to the office, the way we work has changed. Aside from practical changes to layouts, many businesses are facing a challenging future as recession kicks in.... Read more

SEPT 2019

Janeen Vosper Podcasts

Listen To How Taking Just One Step Could Change Your Life


 A qualified lawyer with her own practice; Voice Lawyers; Kayte Lewis empowers people through awareness and better communication. Starting out at 18 as an actor and then a speech... Listen for more

DEC 2019

F Magazine; Celebrating Female Success

Profile piece: Lawyer Kayte Lewis


Sydney law firm Voice Advocates, founded by Kayte Lewis is putting itself on the map for providing a new approach to legal matters. With a focus on communications, it works with its clients on both personal and business matters to help them discover how to speak... Read more


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