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Conflict is normal.

It's how we deal with it that matters.


Mediation can be a great option if you and your parties are having difficulties coming to an agreed option or solution.


Everyone is in a state of conflict for much of our lives - we each have different values, priorities and agendas which are in conflict, but generally we work through these obstacles and make our way in the world. It’s when conflicts become disputes that we have an opportunity to identify these values and priorities.


One of the first victims of unresolved conflict is usually trust. Creating an atmosphere of mutual understanding by facilitating meaningful discussion can most often bring disagreements to a constructive resolution and rebuild trust.


Managing Director Kayte Lewis has over 27 years’ experience coaching voice and communication skills. Her unique combination of skills helps you navigate through difficult situations and conversations whilst asserting your position to obtain the best outcome.


Through mediation and dispute resolution, Kayte and the team at Voice Lawyers can assist you and your parties to identify and assess your options and negotiate a settlement of your dispute without court intervention. 


The process of mediation is a guided negotiation, which parties attempt to negotiate a resolution of their dispute, aided by a mediator. Setting disputes through mediation can save money, ease the court load and more often than not leave parties in a better state of mind.


There are a number of benefits to proceeding with mediation including: a faster outcome, perseverance of relationships, support, greater control of the outcome and convenience to the client. 


As an expert trained mediator, Kayte is highly skilled to understand the needs of her clients. Her overall aim is to represent her clients, listen closely and genuinely to what they want to say. She then works hard to exceed a satisfactory outcome for the client and their resolution.


Aside from mediation, here at Voice Lawyers, we also offer other dispute resolution services, including Litigation, Arbitration and Negotiation and work with clients to settle agreements of all kinds between their parties and have a resolution option to suit their needs. Whether you are an individual or small business, corporate organisation or a family, the team at Voice Lawyers are here to help you resolve your dispute. 

Dispute Resolution
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