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So, what is the difference between success and failure?

Last week I was thrilled to be invited as a guest on to the Janeen Vosper podcast where I had the opportunity to talk about my passion for helping people find their voice.

The conversation was a great exploration of how my personal experiences have contributed to my professional success, what led me to become a lawyer and why I now work to help people see the big picture – be it with personal or professional disputes.

By establishing my own practice, Voice Lawyers, I enjoy the work that I do empowering people through self-awareness and better communication. But how did I end up in the legal sector and what has driven me to specialise in this particular area?

Rewind back to 90’s when I began my career at 18 as an actor before coming a speech and drama teacher by age 22, thus igniting my interest in helping people to “find their voice”. After leaving my 18-year domestically violent marriage, I then took the giant solo leap of moving to Sydney with my four children to start a new chapter and importantly turn my background, skills, and experience to voice coaching. With the huge responsibility to emotionally and financially support myself, I recognized that I had to be disciplined in finding out how to move forward and build our new life, always keeping the end goal in mind. I decided that I must take one step forward then another, then another

I did this by trying to focus on the things that would keep me on track – prioritising what would take me forward, what I needed to do to manage day to day and what was still part of ‘cleaning up’ the mess that I was in. Quite simply, I had to be clinical about it.

After many years of legal qualifications, when I became a lawyer, I realised how my voice had helped me to navigate not only the legal processes that I had encountered myself but also how this can be translated into creating businesses that would support me and my family as we rebuilt our lives from domestic violence.

I firmly believe that because of my personal story and because I have navigated this situation, I can be the voice for people who don’t have one when they are undertaking mediation and when intimidated by the legal process. I work with clients to help them discover how to speak with authority and not to be defined by other people’s judgment.

I’d love to hear your feedback on my story – please drop me a line on call 02 92318602 or visit for more information about the services we offer.


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