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10 more sleeps

10 more sleeps to the JAM International Family Law Conference in Malta.

Remember when you were small and excited and counting sleeps :D

That’s me!

Excited to be invited and attending the JAM international family law conference in Malta. The conference is JAM packed full (yes that was an awful pun) of speakers: senior family law specialists, barristers, experts and judges from Australia, USA, Malta and The Hague.

Family law can and often does present us with many complex and intertwined legal issues drawing on many areas of law. My own practice has seen an increase in international family law matters dealing with complex property and children’s matters over recent years.

The opportunity to learn from this incredible line up of international speakers in a 3 day intensive is awesome. I’m particularly keen to learn more about complex international property law rulings from Dr Robin Smith, currently working for the United Nations in the Hague and the even more complex topic of international Child Relocation from leading Melbourne based barristers Jenny Brennan and Jeanette Swan.

From the USofA we will be hearing from Melissa Averett about strategies for working with victims of domestic violence and anyone who even remotely knows me will know that’s a passion point!

Also from the USA legal strategist, expert and mediator Dr Robert Simon Forensic Psychologist will be speaking about litigating custody disputes. Dr Simon’s CV is impressive to say the least. He educates judges, mental health professionals and attorneys in the USA and internationally and is a best-selling author, legal strategist, consultant and expert.

These are just a few of a wonderful line up of speakers.

So I am off to satisfy my love of lifelong learning and Pastizzi!… I’ll keep you posted


Kayte Lewis is the Managing Director of Voice Lawyers & Consultants

You can contact Kayte on (02) 92611954 or

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