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NSW Bureau of Crime release statistics on Domestic Violence in NSW Dec 2018

Late last week I attended a lecture at UTS revealing the NSW Bureau of Crime statistics and research into Domestic Violence. We are committed to being at the forefront of developments in this area and advocating for change and understanding wherever possible. It was great to hear that the NSW Government is committed to reducing Domestic Violence and addressing this chronic issue.

A key driver of these studies is to find a baseline to measure future developments in this area. The rest of the information to be taken away from the research was not so positive.

The study measured the effectiveness of six programs that have been implemented to try and address both re-victimization and re-offending and the bottom line is that these programs have been evaluated as ineffective with the exception of one program, a compulsory program lasting 9 – 12 months with weekly cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). Most notably this program was offered to perpetrators that were in gaol and it was compulsory.