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3 Keys to Improving Your Personal Presence

Have you ever noticed that when some individuals speak everyone listens? This can be frustrating when you feel you have something important to say and may feel you have trouble being heard or making an impact. If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation then consider the following keys.

The 3 most important things to understand to improve your communication are:

1. It’s not what you say but also how you say it.

The tone of your voice, the variety and interest you create and your vocal quality are fundamental factors in how you come across to others.

2. Body language tells your story.

The moment you dip your toe into the room. With media and social media flashing before our eyes continuously we are trained to make split second decisions about characters and situations and so automatically we make the same decision about friends colleagues and particularly new introductions. You’ve all heard that first impressions count and they last. Being aware of how you enter a meeting or new situation can save you hours of effort ‘undoing’ any poor or unintended first impressions down the track. It is also your opportunity to make a memorable impression on others at work and in your personal life. I don’t mean for you to bust into the room though. This is not the type of impression you want, rather an impression that is confident and makes others feel drawn to you. In my training programs I refer to 3 types of energy and I’ll be writing about this soon.

3. Groundedness starts when you know who you are.

Knowing who you are and appreciating your own strengths, skills and style of communication in relation to others goes a long way in empowering you to be confident and grounded in any situation. There are a number of useful diagnostic tests that we can run if you have never done one or you have not done one for a while and you are interested in some more training in this area please contact me: (02) 9261 1954 or

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