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Family Law

As the name might suggest, Voice Lawyers is strongly committed to ensuring clients facing family law matters have a genuine chance to have their views raised and considered throughout the legal process. While often legal protocols seem to take precedence in family law cases, Voice Lawyers still recognise that the lives of “real people” are at stake, so their input is paramount. The experiences, stories, fears and concerns of the client really is vital if true justice is to be achieved. 

The legal system is daunting for those unfamiliar with its operations and it’s no surprise that concern has, at times, been raised that, as legal representatives lead a proceeding through the court process, clients can feel overwhelmed and not adequately heard. 


Voice Lawyers owner Kayte Lewis has a personal philosophy to make sure the views and concerns of the client is heard over any overwhelming legal noise. “People are human, they have concerns and needs that need to be addressed and accounted for to get the right result, otherwise you get people who go though and they don’t feel like they’ve received justice, they don’t feel like they got to say what they wanted to say.”

As an expert trained mediator, Kayte is skilled at listening and understanding the needs of her clients.

Her overall aim is to represent her clients, listen closely and genuinely to what they want to say, and working hard to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

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